is a specialist that conducts inspections on residential properties in order to check compliance and makes an evaluation for any potential hazard as well as structural defects. Part of what they inspect are the following:
– interior infrastructure
– exterior infrastructure
– plumbing and electrical systems
– thermal inspection inside the house
– etc.
Afterward, home inspectors communicate with the potential home buyer(s), and realtors all issues discovered with the property as well as recommendations for any needed repair and items for improvement.
A detailed report is presented to the potential homeowner which contains all information during the inspection which are extensive photos, videos, and inspection notes of observations. The inspector’s goal is to be able to give the buyer a clear picture of the house’s current state as completely as possible and provide the homeowner with more information before purchasing the property.
Home inspectors are required by law in some states to undergo a minimum amount of classroom training and passing the state exam in order to gain a home inspector’s license.
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