The voids behind tile flooring are usually due to a lack of quickset or mortar underneath the tile. Hollow spot underneath the tile makes the flooring susceptible to cracks and damage. Floor tiles that produce a higher pitch after bouncing off a ball (golf ball to be exact) have a higher chance of being damaged soon. Watch the video below on how to check if there are hallow tiles.

Cause of Tile Hollowness

  • The principal cause is a failure to follow proper tile-laying methods.
  • During the flooring work, there was insufficient oversight.
  • When too much water has been combined into the mortar mix used beneath the tiles, it dries, causing evaporation and the formation of cavities.
  • In large rooms/areas, putting tiles wall to wall without allowing for thermal expansion and contraction at the ends results in tiles popping up when the space shrinks.
  • Using a mortar bed with a thickness greater than 50 mm for placing tiles, however may gradually shrink due to cement setting, leaving the tiles un-bonded.
  • The use of experimental, nonstandard resin-bonded foundation materials for laying has also been shown to produce devastating outcomes.

How to Fix Hollow-Sounding Tiles

When it comes to loose tile, the best solution is to hire an expert. A professional will have the tools, experience, and time to correctly restore your flooring. Furthermore, damaged tiles are sometimes linked with other problems such as loose backing or poor grout. The tile setter will identify any other flaws and suggest a solution but you can also replace your own tiles. In conclusion, if you’ve determined that the problem is an unseated tile, the solution is simple. Here’s an easy way to accomplish it:

Step 1: Gather your materials:
– Iron
– Adhesive for tiles
– Knife for applying putty
– Mineral spirits are a form of distilled spirit.
– Rags
– Pin for rolling dough
Step 2: Use your iron to release the adhesive on the tile.
Step 3: Using a putty knife, pry the loose tile out.
Step 4: Dissolve the glue using mineral spirits.
Step 5: Using your putty knife, scrape away the old adhesive.
Step 6: Use the new tile adhesive to adhere the tiles together.
Step 7: Place your tile in the proper location.
Step 8: Use a rolling pin to remove any air pockets from the tile.
Step 9: Wipe clean the outside of the tile with a mineral spirit-dampened rag.

Tile Center near Dallas

Here are some of the top tile centers around the Dallas area that you can check into.

1. Daltile, Marazzi Showroom & Design Studio
Address: 2320 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy Ste 100, Dallas, TX 75234

2. The Tile Shop
Address: 2310 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Dallas, TX 75234

3. Interceramic Tile & Stone Gallery
Address: 11935 N Stemmons Fwy #130, Dallas, TX 75234

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