This video is part two of our baby proofing series it covers a few techniques to make your living areas safer for small children. Falls and collisions are a big danger for small children and living rooms we suggest purchasing cushioned corner guards and edging for coffee and side tables. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation these guards give a pill owing effect to sharp cornered tables and even fireplace hearth large pieces of furniture can often be unsteady.
Securing bookcases to a stud in your wall will prevent toppling if your TV sits inside an entertainment center or on top of a table or console be sure to secure it as well also keep in mind what is on your lower shelves assume that if your child can reach for it they will be cautious of mini blind cords these cords can easily become strangling hazards secure them above the window or replace the blinds with a cordless option place.
Outlet covers on all unused outlet receptacles children will try to stick anything from their finger to toys inside these and could be electrocuted childproofing door handles can also help keep your child away from dangerous areas or items finally if you want to keep children away from stairwells or out of specific areas invest in safety gates keep in mind a lot of these hazards become hazards as children start crawling and walking don’t wait until they are on the move before you childproof your home

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