If you have any small bumps protruding from your walls they’re likely what contractors call nail pops. As new home settle and drywall shrinks sometimes the nails or screws of fixing the drywall to the studs. Start to protrude to repair a nail pop. You will need a Phillips head screwdriver nail punch hammer quick dry
spackling compound putty knife sanding block and painting supplies. You first need to determine if the protrusion is caused by a nail or a screw. To do this take a Phillips head screwdriver and press it into the center of the pop if it’s a screw.
The screw driver will set and find its place in the head of the screw if it’s a nail it will likely just slide around if the pop is caused by a screw. Simply take the screwdriver and turn the screw until it is slightly recessed into the wall. If the pop is caused by a nail take your nail punch and hammer and tap the nail head until it is slightly recessed into the wall. Next with a putty knife apply a layer of quick dry spackling compound to cover the whole. Allow it to dry and Sam the surface repeat with another coat if necessary. Once it is completely cured and sanded, apply fresh paint if the nail pop is in the ceiling. You have to set the existing nail and then drive in a second nail within one inch of the old one or the nail pop could reoccur.