Is your toilet clogged if so more than likely it just needs to be plunged? If it appears that overflowing is imminent take the lid off of the tank and push the flapper down. This will stop water from entering the bowl when plunging the toilet. There are certain plungers that work better than others. We recommend using this particular style of plunger notice that it has a horn on the head unlike a traditional plunger. The first the step is to make sure you get a good seal. Place the horn down into the throat of the toilet and slowly push down on the plunger. To release any trapped air if the water level in the bowl isn’t higher than the head of the plunger slowly release some water into the bowl by slightly pressing down on the toilet handle. At this point the toilet is ready to be lunged after a few seconds of plunging you should be able to hear air moving through the trap. Finally remove the plunger from the toilet if the water doesn’t go down right away try flushing the toilet.